The Friendship is a mighty feeling! Send postcards for friends and relatives. They are going to like.
These images were selected by much fondness and the sentences were created by me and inspired in true friends wich I appreciate very much. The sentence written following to the image is already inside the postcard itself. Select and send, whose smile receives compensates for the short minutes that you spend choosing. Cheer the Friendship!

"In the moment our paths crossed I gained a treasure: your marvellous Friendship."

“Thank you for your sweetness, serenity and readiness.”

 “What a joy I feel because of being able to call you Friend!”

“I may be far but never I will stop preoccupying myself with your happiness.”

 “Does the friendship multiply the joy? It is true. I am happier since I have your friendship.”

“Our friendship is so pretty and simple as the relation between the butterfly and the flower.”

"With your incentive I was able to go through my obstacles and fears. The victory is not mine, it's ours!"

"A person like you increases our soul because you increase everything good one has"

"Nothing happens by chance, our friendship comes before us. We are sisters/brothers of the light!"

"Whom doesn't have your friendship doesn't know what's loosing. I love you the way you are!"

"Our differences complement each other and help us to strengthen our friendship."

"As brief as the moments we dedicate each other are they aren't less precious."

"It's so good to be able to count with the support tenderness and understanding of true friends!"

"Walk beside me and give me the pleasure and the joy of your company."

"The distance is relative, to be near doesn't mean to be closer to your heart."

"Have I already told you that I love your company?"

"When you don't show up I miss you, sweet flower."

"You are already part of the book of my life."

"It's in your absence that I feel how much your friendship is important."

"To have a friendship like yours is to have a new and wonderful world."

"Nothing is impossible when one has wonderful friends like you."

"You are a source of inspiration!"

"Your friendship makes me feel happy!"

"A toast to our friendship!"

"We all make part of a vast garden."

"Today I thought of you..."

"The obstacles work for teaching us."

"Believe in your Guardian Angel"

" Millions of sweet smacks"

"I wish you a very happy day"